scooter “C.J. came to help us get to know our rescue rat terrier Scooter. C.J. Is great at capturing our dogs attention and helping her learn how to navigate the city. I even found C.J. to be quite a teacher to us humans! Scooter now knows how to walk on a leash, fetch, sit, go to her mat, stay, lay down, do figure eights, find toys and treats as well as a host of super cute things to impress strangers and friends.”

– Jen and Jim

Screen Shot 2013-04-27 at 5.01.23 PM“CJ is a great dog-trainer/human-teacher, and a very good deal. She helped us better understand how to develop our relationship with our dog, gave us a number of fun ways to play games that simultaneously helped our dog better understand HOW to learn (and that learning itself is a fun game), and left us with lots of good ideas for how to continue on our own. CJ is very flexible in finding a mutually good time to meet. She brings a lot of experience to her work. She pushed the humans in the family to become more comfortable with our dog’s unique personality while also making us feel good about what we are able to do. When we became busy and didn’t schedule follow-up meetings, she gently (professionally) prodded us to make sure we took advantage of the full five sessions we had pre-paid for. She was generous with each session’s time, and enjoyed working with us and our dog. Unlike dog training classes we’ve attended with dogs in the past, which are impersonal and which do not necessarily help you figure out what to do when the dog does not respond right away, CJ’s private sessions focus on the unique talents and dispositions of the dog in the family, as well as how to break training into small enough parts so that the dog can succeed. We highly recommend her.”

– Peter and Belinda

riley“I have a 6 year old Springer Spaniel who has several behavioral problems. I was looking for someone who could help with his fear aggression towards other dogs among other things. C.J. Hazell was the perfect trainer for us because of the gentle techniques she uses and her special insights. We had several sessions in my home working on Riley’s anxiety. I was really impressed that she provided me with a written report after her first visit on what she saw as Riley’s issues and what things he might benefit from. She taught me to have him “think” more in our games which can have a calming effect. He now plays “find it” games where I hide his toys and he can locate them by name. This can keep him busy for quite a while and he seems to love it. I wanted to work a lot with Riley’s aggression towards other dogs and C.J. brought her dogs over to the local park so Riley could learn that he gets what he wants when he stays calm. Since our sessions with C.J., Riley has gotten better and better with other dogs and I know what a reasonable expectation for his behavior is. I would recommend her for any type of training.”

– Margaret

“CJ was such a great help. After moving into a new home, my dog Max had severe separation anxiety. He is also a Jack Russell Terrier obsessed with toys and many bad habits. After only a few sessions, Max was much calmer when we left, learned to channel his excitement into tricks, and seemed happier in general. If you are having doggie issues, CJ will certainly be a great help!”

– Jillian and Greg

“Thank you so much! My husband (who for years has refused to consider attending dog training class) thoroughly enjoyed this morning’s session and is enthusiastically looking forward to learning more by the way I’m sure our dog Butterbean enjoyed it too 🙂 well done.”

– Sharon

wally“CJ Hazell is an amazing trainer! She has supported me in training my dog Wally both through her vast knowledge of behavioral training and in practical interventions and applications. My dog experiences severe anxiety that resulted in aggression in the past. She has helped him to decrease his anxiety surrounding cars and walking, as well as general hyper-vigilance. More than anything, she has helped me to accurately read my dog’s behavior and connect with him. We would be lost without her.”

– Lizz