Private Training for you and your dog.

Currently, most sessions are held on Zoom. You can learn in the privacy of your own living room. This is especially good for dogs who have fear or anxiety issues or have a tendency to get over-excited. It allows them to learn the necessary skills without stress or distractions.  Some sessions may be held outside in my private space.

  • Hourly……….. $95
  • Initial evaluation/training session…. 90 minutes…….  $140*
  • 5-Hour discount package (additional hour free for recent rescue adoption)…..$445*
  • 4-Hour puppy package (for puppies 4 months and younger)…. $350
  • Hourly rate after completing a package …. $80

*Members of Weavers Way Coop receive 10% discount


All classes meet once a week for 6 weeks. $145  Contact me for the start date and time of the next session.

Tricks Class

For dogs of any age or skill level. Tricks are a great way to add fun and enrichment to your dog’s life. Learn simple tricks such as SPIN or HIGH FIVE or useful tricks such as teaching your dog to PUT TOYS AWAY. Tricks are great for mental stimulation and a fun way to show off your dog’s talents to friends and family. You can even earn Tricks Titles, complete with ribbons and certificates.

Dog Parkour

Suitable for dogs of all ages and abilities. Also known as urban agility and developed from human parkour. Your dog learns different ways to interact with objects found in the environment, both inside and outside. Behaviors include 4-feet on, 2 front feet on, 2 back feet on, going over and under, going around, and going through narrow spaces. More advanced behaviors including doing tic tacs (rebounds) off of walls or trees, walking narrow walls or planks, or even walking across a ladder and backing up a wall or tree.

Your dog develops body awareness, builds confidence, learns self-control, and has the opportunity to show off some creativity. You can practice these moves anytime and anywhere. Have fun with them while on a walk on a city street or playing in a park or the woods.