My dog doesn’t have any serious issues. Why should I train my dog?

We all know that dogs need exercise. Daily walks, romps in the park, games of fetch in the backyard, and energetic games of tug-of-war are all wonderful ways to both play with our dogs as well as give them a good physical workout. What is frequently forgotten is that our canine friends are very smart animals indeed. Training is just another word for teaching. Just like us, our dogs benefit from the mental stimulation of learning new things throughout their lives.

How old should my puppy be before I start training?

Just like human babies, puppies start learning as soon as they are born. It is never too early to train, the earlier the better. Young puppy minds are like sponges and they will happily soak up anything you teach them. Actually, they are learning whether you are actively teaching them or not, so it is much better to guide them in the right direction from the very beginning.

My dog is already 10 years old. I’ve always heard that you can’t teach an old dog new tricks. Is it too late for my dog?

It is never too late! While it is true than an older dog that isn’t an experienced learner might be a bit slower picking up new things, teaching your adult or older dog new things to do can only help keep them in better mental and physical health. Even if he has a touch of arthritis and isn’t as agile, you could teach him to shake his head “no” when you say the word “like”. Think how impressed your friends will be with how smart your dog is when he answers your question, “Would you like to take a nap now?” with a decided NO.